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L'immeuble existant

The total project budget includes all the costs to fully construct the school and develop the site including the suggested Hayden Rowe traffic improvements in their entirety.   It includes all Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment, Technology infrastructure, Design and Management Fees, contingencies for construction and for soft costs, complete construction of the building and full development of the site as shown on the Schematic Drawings submitted to the MSBA. 

UPDATE: October 2023 Schematic Design Submission
2023-11-07 Updated Costs_Page_1.jpg
2023-10-30  tax impact slide.jpg
March 2023 Preferred Schematic Submission
Construction Cost Slide.png
Cost Summary of all PSR Options 20230315_Page_1.jpg
Cost Summary of all PSR Options 20230315_Page_2.jpg
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