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Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the Feasibility Study take into account updated population assessment, to size any proposed new construction accordingly?


Yes, the School Committee is seeking full updated MSBA and Arthur Wagman formula and population estimates for Hopkinton that would be included in the Feasibility Study as part of the project sizing.



Do we know whether we are renovating Elmwood School, or constructing a new building or what type of building?

No. The Feasibility Study will initiate a transparent process in which active community engagement will be sought to determine the nature of the solution to the constraints at Elmwood School. No decision has been made on whether the solution will involve renovation or rebuilding or what type of building.

Have sites for a solution been selected?

No, a site has not been selected. Identification of potential sites, evaluation of those sites, and selection of a site are all part of the Feasibility Study. Additional community outreach and input are integral parts of the upcoming Feasibility Study.

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