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   Design Options

Schematic Design
2023-6-12 Rendering Plan - no arrow.jpg
SD Floor Plans.jpg
Preferred Schematic Option

Preferred Schematic Option recommended by the ESBC-2 on February 13, 2023

Hayden Rowe Village
2023-03-01 ESBC Meeting.jpg
Evaluation Matrix HEES Concept Options - 20230215 draft V10.jpg
Preliminary Design Studies

Refer to the Meeting Presentations Tab for additional Design Options Information.

Note: The following options are not intended to be Final Designs. These building footprints and site layouts are an illustration to assist in determining spacial needs.


Please use the following links to direct you to the corresponding study: 

Addition - Renovation  January 31, 2023

New School |Elm Street  January 31, 2023

New School |Hayden Rowe  January 31, 2023

Test Fit | 2-3 Options December 7, 2022

Test Fit | 2-4 Options December 7, 2022

Test Fit | Add Reno Options December 7, 2022

Site Selection Test Fit Studies November 8, 2022

Addition Renovation
Addition Renovation 2-3 Option
Addition / Renovation
New School Elmwood
New School Option - Elmwood Site 2-4
Elmwood Village
Elmwood Bar
New School Hayden Rowe
New School Option - Hayden Rowe Site 2-4
Hayden Rowe Pinwheel East
Hayden Rowe Pinwheel West
Hayden Rowe Village East
Hayden Rowe Village  West
Design options_Page_01.jpg
Test Fit | 2-3 Options
Test Fit 2-3
Test Fit 2-4
Design options_Page_02.jpg
Test Fit | 2-4 Options
Design options_Page_03.jpg
Test Fit | Add Reno Options
Test Fit Add Reno
Site Selection
Site Selection Test Fit Studies
Design options_Page_04.jpg
Design options_Page_05.jpg
Design options_Page_08.jpg
Design options_Page_07.jpg
Design options_Page_10.jpg
Design options_Page_11.jpg
Design options_Page_06.jpg
Design options_Page_09.jpg
Design options_Page_13.jpg
Design options_Page_12.jpg
Design options_Page_14.jpg
Design options_Page_16.jpg
Design options_Page_17.jpg
Design options_Page_15.jpg
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